Simple coconut milk curry

I love curries, whether it is the Thai or Indian version. Since in macrobiotics you don´t usually use milk products, mine is based on coconut milk (I learned to buy the more expensive, fairtrade/organic ones, because the taste is just SO much better, I think).

Last time I cooked carrot, green beans and cauliflower in half of a 400 ml can of coconut milk, with a generous sprinkle of spicy curry, and I added a bit of soy sauce. I also put some black salt (my favourite vulcanic salt from India) on the veggies when they started heating up, before I added the rest of the ingredients. You might need to add some extra water to the curry as the coconut milk is quite thick. Simmer for about 15 minutes. So simple!

I served the dish with brown basmati, which is probably my most favourite rice of all. But in  the picture there is quinoa, which I cooked the second day since I still had leftovers. It really tastes good with both.


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