Start of “school”

So tonight I finally start my macrobiotic studies, woohoo!! I start with a weekend workshop called The Way to Health, Vitality and Strength, which is held, of course, at the Kushi Institute here in Amsterdam. Very curious! I wonder about my teachers and “classmates”. About the food (we start with dinner tonight). The lectures, workshops, and the morning do-in exercises. There will be both a lot of theory and a lot of practical cooking to get all under our skin. Tomorrow and Sunday I have to be at the institute in the morning already at 7:30 to start my hour-long exercise! Next week on Thursday I have a 4-day cooking class. And then the following week Saturday I start my two-week intense study programme, followed after a couple of days by another two-week intense study programme 😀 Ok, ok, I´ll stop here, it´s getting complicated. Anyway, I will have a looot of school (no free weekends, and often studying from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.). So not much time to blog – I will have to catch up later! Wish me good luck, and hopefully after I´m fully back there will be a lot of recipes, and a lot more theory!

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