On 15th October I started my level 1 Art of Life school at the Kushi Institute in Amsterdam. For lunch that day (my last homemade lunch, because at school we get fed 3 times a day) I made millet (with some of my, ummm, lightly burnt gomasio :-p) with a hiziki dish:

Soak hiziki sea vegetable in water for about half an hour to reconstitute it, then cook with a little bit of the soaking water and sliced onion for 30-60 minutes (the longer the better), towards the end add corn (I used corn from a can, because I didn´t have fresh…), roasted almonds (I roasted them shortly in the oven, just for about 10 minutes) and season with tamari.

I also cooked orange hokkaido pumpkin with a bit of salt and water until it became all soft and mushy and towards the end added some cubes of tofu to the dish.

Served with lightly pickled cucumber (just cut the cucumber into chunks, sprinkle generously with big grains of sea salt, let sit in a bowl or on a plate for 15-30 minutes, then WASH OFF the salt, ready!).

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