Savoury glutenfree veggie pancakes

These came as an immediate creation of my fantasy when I needed a QUICK lunch! ­čśÇ They were a success, mmmm!!

In a bowl you combine diced onion with finely cut cabbage, grated carrot and grated pumpkin (I used hokkaido, as almost always), but actually you can come up with endless vegetable possibilities. As a flour I used a mix of brown rice flour and buckwheat flour, roughly 50:50, plus enough water to make a sticky wet mixture together with the veggies – you really don┬┤t need any egg in your pancakes! Just try to make the consistency as similar to a normal pancake consistency as possible, but there┬┤s no rule here – you gotta experiment and see what you like… I seasoned the mixture with salt and an italian herb mix ( I assume basil and oregano and maybe thyme…?).┬á Then all you do is fry this cross between patties and pancakes on some oil (I use rice bran oil) until golden. You can see that mine fell apart because they were a bit too big and the batter was maybe too liquid, but it┬┤s actually fine, unless you go for the looks ­čśÇ

I served them with a salad of quick sauteed pointed cabbage and leek and raw rucola (rocket).


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