Pumpkin-sauerkraut-chick pea stew

It´s quite difficult to pick a name for this recipe, because all of the ingredients of the stew are kind of the same important 😀 In a pot I mixed chunks of hokkaido pumpkin, kohlrabi, carrot, leek rounds and cooked chickpeas and added just enough water to cover the mixture. I boiled it until the pumpkin became soft (the pumpkin is the hardest of these veggies, so no need to check the others). Towards the end I added a generous amount of natural lacto-fermented sauerkraut (be careful not to pick the one with sugar and vinegar in it…) and diluted shiro miso to taste, plus extra salt. I would prefer to add the sauerkraut at the very end after turning the flame off, but since I was going to eat it reheated in the evening, I didn´t bother, but this way you kill the beneficial enzymes (that is, if you have natural sauerkraut…). I ate the meal with a buckwheat/quinoa mix.

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