Adzuki bean kanten dessert

This is such a macrobiotic classic, that I have to include it! Some call it “macrobiotic chocolate”, and while diehard chocolate lovers will probably just laugh at this, I think it´s actually not so far off….at least for us macros who have a bit adjusted taste buds 😀

It´s really really simple as long as you have a pressure cooker…

Into the cooker you place adzuki beans (I used half a cup of hokkaido adzuki beans which are smaller, more mineral rich and cook less long even without presoaking), agar agar (I used one and a half bars, but you can use less or more, depending on required thickness of the dessert), dried organic apricots (I used about 3/4 cup, slightly more than the amount of the beans, but again this depends on required sweetness) and some (optional) orange peel (I only had dried mandarine peel which works fine I think). Add about a double or even triple amount of water. Bring under pressure and cook for about 30 minutes, the beans have to be soft. Transfer to a blender, add a pinch of salt and blend until smooth. Let it cool down and thicken in a bowl or eat warm 😀


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12 responses to “Adzuki bean kanten dessert

  1. patsquared2

    I know you call it macrobiotic chocolate but what does it taste like? And do you know if it’s a good dessert for a diabetic? I have a great brownie recipe made with black beans an no flour but I’m always looking for treats for my husband.

    • It does resemble chocolate a bit – depends how much imagination you have 🙂 But it´s really hard to describe the flavour, because most people are not used to desserts made from beans (it is popular in Asia though). The apricots give a lot of the flavour as well. I guess you just have to try it out. I am not sure how suitable this would be for diabetics though – it has no sugar or similar sweeteners, only the apricots, but I would say it depends how he generally tolerates dried fruit and starchy beans. I am sorry I don´t have enough experience with diabetes to give a better answer 😦 I´d love to know your black bean brownie recipe btw!

  2. Thanks a lot! And let me know how you liked the dessert 🙂

  3. patsquared2

    I forgot to ask at what pressure you cook this recipe. I would assume 5 pounds for 30 minutes but don’t like to make any assumptions where my pressure canner is involved!

  4. I am not sure what you mean – my pressure cooker only has two levels, 1 and 2. I used the number 2, for 30 minutes. Is pressure canner the same as pressure cooker?

  5. Btw, walkingonmoss=zuurzakje…different identities thanks to my different blogs 😀

  6. Mochi

    Hiya ! Thanks for this recipe. Could you also use ricemilk instead of water ? I miss a bit of creamy taste. Just an idea..

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