I really love the looks of this simple healthy dish!

What is it? Just…

Cooked brown rice, steamed chinese cabbage, green beans and paksoi, baked hokkaido pumpkin slices and black beans with a sweet-sour glaze.

The pumpkin was in the oven for about half an hour on 200°C and before baking I sprayed it lightly with tamari (I love my tamari spray!) and seasoned with dried rosemary. Next time I would bake it less long because it was a bit too crispy – but pumpkin crackers ain´t bad either 😀

The black hokkaido beans were first dry-roasted until their peels cracked and the inside turned golden, then pressure cooked for 45 minutes with a double amount of water and a piece of kombu seaweed to soften them more. When they were done I thickened the remaining bean water with a tablespoon of kuzu starch diluted in a bit of cold water (be sure to stir constantly when mixing in the kuzu solution…), while keeping the beans on a low flame (the kuzu must be cooked). Then I seasoned them with some lemon juice, ume plum vinegar and rice malt. It turned out a bit too sour thanks to the vinegar/lemon combination, so if you like your beans more sweet than sour, leave out one of them. But if you don´t use ume plum vinegar (which is salty), add either salt or soy sauce, otherwise there will be no salt in your beans which would not taste balanced at all 😉


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