Brown rice fast – day 2


Today I was feeling a little bit less tired and I had less tension in my head, yet my energy levels are still lower than usually. I did though have a bit of a restless feeling in the afternoon and a big urge to go outside (especially since there was sun shining at times), so I went for a quick walk into our park around the lake, which was really refreshing. Except that I feel quite cold even indoors, so outside I was nearly freezing ­čśÇ I hope that the feeling of cold will subside in the next days of fasting. I feel less hungry than yesterday, which is good news! The bad news is that especially in the morning I had BIG trouble eating, because my jaw muscles hurt tremendously! It sounds funny but it actually ain┬┤t funny! ­čśÇ I had to massage my cheeks thoroughly and also during the eating process it got bearable, yet it┬┤s my current biggest problem with this fast. Who would have thought…

I needed some variety today, so in the morning I added half an umeboshi to my usual bowl of rice with gomasio, for lunch I added a teaspoon of tamari and now for dinner I will bake the rice a bit in the oven ­čśÇ I also prepared rice with an addition of 25% of sweet rice, mmmm!! Love that. Drinking a bit more than yesterday as I was a bit too thirsty – I don┬┤t want to overdo it with minimizing the liquid.

There is one added bonus which surprised me a lot – my teeth feel extremely clean and even like polished! ­čÖé Better than any toothpaste or dental treatment! That┬┤s a side effect I didn┬┤t expect, seems that the chewing of the whole grain works like a toothbrush taking away old plaque??

I do feel that the discharge is approaching…there is this “acid” feeling in my head, all the yin popping up…

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