Brown rice fast – day 3

Today we went for a long trip to a nature park, so there was a lot of biking and walking and we had to pack our rice into lunchboxes ­čśÇ Except for still feeling quite cold, I had enough energy today to manage the trip without feeling too tired, just at the end my shoulders were hurting from the backpack (which is my usual problem, but it might have been increased by being too yangized thanks to the rice).

In the morning I very much enjoyed having an umeboshi again with my rice – it makes a huge difference, even though it was just half of the plum, but it adds a fresh sour taste and kind of fools me into thinking I am eating a vegetable ­čśÇ I am looking forward to adding some real veggie pickles in a few days! ­čÖé For dinner I again plan to bake some rice in the oven, sprinkled with tamari, and tomorrow morning I want to make a really soft creamy porridge – I am trying to at least make variety in texture…

I am surprised that I have hardly any cravings for “forbidden” food except for a general craving for something fresh and juicy. But I am not having problems reading my regular food blogs, for example, and shopping for rice in the health food shop today left me intact while my boyfriend was having a hard time looking at all the goodies ­čśÇ

My mood is quite ok, but it could be better – I noticed I feel a bit too tight and irritable so I hope that passes, but the very yang food can cause this… Early in the morning I had a TON of mucous coming out, I was blowing my nose for about an hour and also sneezing quite a bit, a lot of congestion…I was surprised at the amount of yin being discharged! Not pleasant, but important ­čśÇ I am also experiencing some constipation, hmmm, hope not for long…

Thank God my jaws don┬┤t hurt anymore, they got used to the massive chewing workout, yay!! I found out I can actually chew my food 100 times without some big effort, wow.

Right now I feel like it won┬┤t be too hard to go through 7 more days of rice fast, but I think this might easily change!! ­čśÇ




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2 responses to “Brown rice fast – day 3

  1. Eleonora

    I’m following with interest the updates about your diet 7!
    I tried many times to do it but I always give up feeling too weak.


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