Brown rice fast – day 4

Yesterday evening my stomach and head were hurting after the oven-baked rice – either I just had a too big portion (very likely) or my stomach didn´t agree with the overly yang meal (baking+tamari+rice=very yang) or both. Anyway I found out that the baked rice, while the crispiness is generally nice, is too dry and contracting for me. In the morning today I was literally longing for a moist creamy rice porridge – I mixed my bowl of leftover rice with three cups of water and cooked it fairly long. The result was amazingly soothing and veeeery creamy, with a teaspoon of umepaste and a bit of gomasio, yum!! That will be my breakfast in the next days I am sure.  It also helped with the constipation problem 😀

For lunch I had steamed leftover rice and for dinner freshly cooked rice; with different types of gomasio (my homemade and a store-bought  one with added nori and shiso sprinkles) and also tekka (a condiment made from roasting miso with some root vegetables). I must say that today I had a bit of a crisis with cravings – I feel fed up with the rice, mostly because it´s so yang!! My pancreas is tight…I really want something juicy, preferrably a veggie 😦 I think tomorrow I might start adding some vegetable pickles…

This night/morning I had hardly any mucous discharge which was nice (yesterday it was really annoying), but since yesterday I am experiencing more skin breakouts – again yin coming out. My lips are dry and in general I feel thirsty, I´m trying to drink more…tonight I also made myself a special treat, chicory coffee!! I sleep hard lately, with a loooot of dreams and it´s a bit hard to wake up.

Today it was bright sunny weather and again I had an urge to move – so we went at least for a little walk to our park. It´s strange how sometimes it seems so easy to endure the 10 days and sometimes it´s sooo hard. Right now I feel not so motivated because I am not having any really dramatic discharge neither am I feeling amazingly great. Is that still coming? I want to feel the peaceful meditative state that people describe during the rice fasts but instead I´m kind of irritable, a little depressed, not so energetic or on the other hand restless and not knowing what to focus on. Well, maybe this IS the discharge I need 😀 Wondering what the next days will bring. My boyfriend is quitting the fast tonight so it´s gonna be a bit lonesome battle from now on. Almost a week to go.

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