Brown rice fast – day 5

Yay, half of my fast is behind me!! 5 more days to go! ­čśÇ

Today started out pretty bad – quite intense stomach cramps (plus some intestinal trouble), a sensation that my middle organs are really tight, depressed mood, increased feeling of being bored with the neverending rice, losing appetite…Oh and the horrendous skin breakouts intensified today ­čśŽ The one overwhelming impression was : too tight/contracted/dry!! Not able to relax, with my mind spinning.

In the morning I attempted to make a rice cream out of brown rice flour (as written in Mme Riviere┬┤s book “No.7 Diet” which is sort of a guidebook for the rice fast), but it came out extremely thin and watery, I can┬┤t believe the recipe called for only 1 tablespoon per 1 cup of water…I might still try it once more with more flour mixed in, this way it was very much not appealing, so I had also some normal steamed rice with it. For lunch I made a soothing creamy porridge AND I had a few tiny pieces of takuan (daikon pickled in rice bran)!!! Mmmm, feeling again a vegetable in my mouth, though not fresh, was exciting. What a difference it makes! For dinner I had steamed rice with salty water pickles (daikon, carrot, cauliflower and broccoli), yummmmmy! I actually enjoyed my dinner.

The strange thing is that during the day everything calmed down – my stomach got ok, my skin got a little bit less inflamed and most of all my mood got stable again, I even had some important insights, finally! I started feeling content and not struggling with the fast so much anymore, whew! I hope this lasts till the end…There is DEFINITELY some icky elimination going on these days! I think what helped was that my (very late) period arrived, so more discharge, yippie! ­čśÇ



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