Brown rice fast – day 6

Not much to report other than – 4 more days to go, yay!

I´m so used to the brown rice by now that it seems like there is nothing else to be eaten, ever 😀 I don´t actually mind preparing “normal” macro food for my boyfriend, which is really weird, right? The pickles miraculously give me quite enough of the fresh juicy feeling that I was craving…all hail the pickles! In the morning I had supercreamy porridge with an umeboshi and gomasio. For lunch I decided to try out dumplings made of a rice flour/water/salt mixture. I cooked them for about 45 minutes, yet they didn´t become nice and soft and fluffy inside as I was hoping 😦 Apparently you can´t make dumplings out of rice flour alone…they were actually quite horrible, even though I made a not too bad miso/kuzu sauce with them and added some little takuan pieces to garnish. Ok, no more experimenting with rice flour for me, it makes me feel all sticky and yucky inside…I did have an oven baked slice of mochi afterwards, sprayed with some tamari, and that was yummy, but then, mochi is a whole different story 😀 For dinner I had freshly cooked rice with salty pickles and gomasio, also very nice! YES, I am still able to appreciate the rice even after 6 days!

There´s not too much going on though, as  far as discharge goes, still the same old…My period is very very…insignificant, which is not too good, but it makes sense – the vital organs use the energy for healing, not the reproductive organs. My skin sucks still, let´s keep it at that 😀 I´m starting to wonder whether 10 days can be enough to really relieve me of my symptoms (at least for a big part), but I don´t want to go over the 10 day mark, as that is not generally recommended…let´s hope the next 4 days are meaningful!!

I made a bit of a habit out of my quick short walks around our little lake – I feel reeeeally restless being indoors all the time. I don´t get to go out shopping or seeing friends or anything, so I feel like a hermit 😀 It´s nice in a way, I really have the space to think about my life, my healing path, my plans for the future. But it´s also a bit lonely (at least when my boyfriend is at work during the day). I should be really grateful (and I am!) that I actually CAN do something like this, just fasting and being able to stay at home! 😀



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2 responses to “Brown rice fast – day 6

  1. Hi there! Thank you for the link to your Macro blog – it will be interesting watching the journey of someone else along the way. I wanted to mention that my next post I had said would be up soon will include a good dumpling recipe, so this may help you the next time you try to make them!

    Good luck with your fast!

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