Brown rice fast – day 7

Wow, already a week of eating brown rice! 😀 We´re coming to the end soon, my friends…

Today: creamy porridge with gomasio and umeboshi for breakfast (why oh why does the precious cream always have to escape from the unattended pot on the stove?? 😦 ), steamed rice with gomasio and takuan pickle for lunch and steamed rice with goma shiso and tekka and salty water pickles for dinner.

Yesterday evening and during part of the night I had a reeeeally strange intense tension in my chest, very unpleasant. Last night I also had a massive mucus attack which (together with some weird insomnia) kept me awake for about 4 hours, so I slept very little…what a night! :-p On the other hand I DID have some brilliant ideas concerning my future life, how to organize my macro business one day etc. so I had a lot of creative juices flowing 😀 But I admit that today I am a bit of a zombie and I certainly hope I sleep better this night… And please, no more mucus discharge from my sinuses, it is incredibly annoying! And yes, I know that I aimed for discharge during this fast…Oh, and in the morning I woke up with some cramps/tightness (again) in my middle area – stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver…all of that is very tender, not nice. Oh how I am looking forward to veggies…and PUMPKIN!!!!

Today the weather was sucky, grey with a lot of rain, so I didn´t even go out…I did a fair amount of reading at least… Tomorrow we are off to a trip to see a friend so I gotta bring a big tub of rice with me! 😀

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