Brown rice fast – day 8

Ok, this is getting old isn´t it? 😀 But – two more days to go!!

I am really looking forward to the end of this experiment, today has proved that it´s not the very best idea to be doing a rice fast when it´s a) cold, b) you need to be a little bit active. We went on a trip to Gouda to see a mutual friend and it was effing cooooold, windy and rainy!! I was literally freezing my butt off. Plus I feel the rice just isn´t giving me the energy I need for anything else than sitting quietly at home – perhaps the lack of protein? Of course, even rice, just as any other grain, contains some protein, but it´s not a complete protein like for example quinoa. I miss some good old beans…besides the veggies, of course. Oh and miso!! I am used to having miso soup once, often even twice a day, and miso is a real powerhouse of energy and also protein. I was hungry pretty much all day, as we were walking a lot, so I kept eating several times from my big tub of rice 😀

I did make very yummy supercreamy rice porridge for breakfast though! With goma shiso condiment and ume paste. For lunch and snacks cold rice, ick! And for dinner a teeeeny bit of leftover porridge, and as a main course oven-baked rice with tamari spray and some pickles – I needed something warming!!

It´s kind of hard, these very last days, as I am already thinking what I need to buy and what I want to cook on Sunday and the following days…I am soooo looking forward to vegetables, beans and miso soup! I need to take it really easy, to transition back to a normal macro diet without it being too big a shock.

One thing is for sure – a rice fast makes you appreciate even a simple but varied mb diet very, very, very much 🙂

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