Brown rice fast – day 9

Tomorrow is my last day, can you believe that?!? I can´t 😀

I really don´t know what to write anymore…today was remarkably uneventful…I was at home tidying and reading and making a new batch of gomasio, so I didn´t have to endure any cold or long walks as yesterday – on days like this fasting is really easy 😀

I must thank the rice fast for introducing me to long-cooked creamy rice porridges, I am hopelessly in love with them…especially with the mixed in goma shiso and umepaste…the perfect “morning cereal”. For lunch I had steamed rice with gomasio and takuan pickle and the same for dinner (but with salty pickles).

Tomorrow stay tuned for the wrap-up of this big experiment! I will definitely be fantasizing about what I´m gonna cook on Sunday!! 😀

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