Savoury glutenfree sauerkraut-tempeh pie

Yep, I do love the combination of sauerkraut and tempeh and I came up with the idea to use them as a stuffing for a savoury pie, which turned out to be a not-at-all-bad idea ­čśÇ You will need

1/4 cup glutenfree oat flour (or very fine oatmeal)

2/3 cup brown rice flour

1/3 cup buckwheat flour

1/3 cup sesame oil

about 250 g naturally fermented sauerkraut

about 50 g tempeh

2 medium onions

1/2 tbsp tamari

black pepper (optional) and salt


Combine the flours and add a big pinch of salt and oil, stir well with a spoon, the texture should resemble wet sand. Add cold water as needed to form a dough that is possible to knead by hand into a firm ball which doesn´t fall apart too much (this is not so easy as it is glutenfree dough without any binder, but I wanted to keep it simple and without additives).  Set aside in a cool spot. Slice onions into thin halfmoons and sautee on water (add during the cooking whenever they start to stick) with a big pinch of salt, you will need to sautee at least half an hour so the onions gets nicely caramelized. About half way through add tempeh grated with a grater (coarse, not fine), stir frequently, add about half a tablespoon tamari, adjust salt and add fresh ground black pepper to your liking. Take half of the dough and place it into a round low greased baking form (like for sweet pies) and form an even layer while pressing. Prebake on 200°C for about ten minutes. Cover the dough layer evenly with well-drained sauerkraut and then with a layer of the onion/tempeh mixture. Form the other half of the dough into a flat disc and place on top of the pie (you might have to do this in more steps as the dough is not stretchy). Bake on 200°C for about half an hour.


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2 responses to “Savoury glutenfree sauerkraut-tempeh pie

  1. This looks incredible. Sauerkraut and tempeh are two of my top kitchen loves, so what could be more perfect?! Going to have to give this a try soon. Cheers!

    • Great! ­čÖé The dough could definitely use some refinement – I am not so skilled in glutenfree baking without using a lot of added (often not macro-friendly) ingredients ­čśÇ I might try and perfect it still later.

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