Last macro meals before my move…

In the beginning of March we were busy with relocating to Slovenia, and we are still settling in…Here I have some meals which I cooked still before our departure but didn´t manage to post them until now…so with a bit of delay… 😀

Rice pressure cooked together with barley with a sprinkle of shiso powder – shiso is a plant with red leaves, the sprinkle also contains seasalt and ume plum vinegar so it has a pleasant salty-sour taste. Kinpira made of dried burdock, carrot, stems of kolrabi and tamari. Steamed pointed cabbage and kolrabi leaves. Arame seaweed cooked together with onion halfmoons, sesame seeds, seasoned with tamari. And of course miso soup…

A couple of days later I cooked rice together with amaranth and millet (with gomasio on top). Accompanied by brown lentils flavoured with ume plum vinegar (I love the combination of legumes and ume plum). And a lovely sautee of fennel, onion, leek, butternut squash, zucchini, green beans and cauliflower, on some olive oil with a mediterranean herb mixture…Usually I don´t make such “southern” dishes, but from time to time I like something with a touch of the south…

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