Millet-carrot burgers and topinambour soup

In Slovenia I discovered they share my love for topinambours, also known as Jerusalem artichokes, a sort of tubers with a pleasant nutty taste. I like to use them in blended soups (they create quite a creamy starchy texture) – in the soup below I cooked them with a piece of wakame, carrots, sweet potato and butternut squash. I seasoned the soup with rice miso and garnished with parsley.

A couple of days ago I started my recommended dietary regime to clear up my persistent health issues…that means, among other things, going oil-free, for a couple of months. The evening before switching to this new diet I made….fried millet burgers! ­čśÇ Yay! They were awesome…will miss those and similar stuff…

I had some leftover millet into which I stirred some brown rice flour, water and about a teaspoon of psyllium husk (a dietary fiber which helps binding). I seasoned the mix with salt, black pepper, italian herbs (made out of oregano, basel, rosemary, thyme and garlic), fresh parsley and fresh wild garlic (known also as ramsons, a thing you can find at the market here!). I grated a carrot to provide a veggie and then I just formed patties with my hand (the mix should be not too runny so you can create patties, but also not too stiff…just enough) and fried them in rice bran oil, one of my fave oils. Delish!


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3 responses to “Millet-carrot burgers and topinambour soup

  1. I am thinking about going oil free also for a month. Would you mind sharing your experience and why you are doing it? You can also send me a private msg thru my contact info on my website if you want. Thanks!

  2. Sylvia R├╝ttinger

    I read that topinambour can give lots of gas to some people. What is your experience? Do you think that the Wakame or Kombu takes away the bloating properties of this plant? Have you tried topinambur raw and how did your body tolerate it? Is it then advisable to peel off the skin and add herbs such as fennel, coriander or caraway to reduce gas producing properties? I am very keen to hear your experiences….

    • Hi Sylvia, I am not anymore maintaining this blog, but to reply your questions – I don┬┤t recall being bloated after eating it, but also I always cooked it (though I too heard that it is possible to eat it raw, I just never tried). You have to try and see how your body likes it – it is a long time that I was able to get my hands on some topinambour, so my experience is very limited and I don┬┤t clearly remember how I reacted to it ­čÖé

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