Simple wok veggies on a quinoa bed

I´m posting this recipe more for showing the presentation of such a dish, because otherwise it´s pretty basic and you can really play around with all different kinds of veggies -pretty much any can be wok-ed, even though I tend to favour leafy greens and not so many hearty root veggies when it comes to wok cooking…but even root veggies make a nice contrast!

I mixed chopped up: celery root and celery stalk, carrots, chinese cabbage, white cabbage, curly green cabbage, green beans and daikon radish. As a sauce/dressing I used shoyu, mirin and lemon (in a 1:1: 0,5 ratio). Plus some sesame seeds. I served this as a big pyramid on top of a bed of soft quinoa 😀 Reeeeally quick meal!

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