Colourful quick-boiled salad

Sometimes, just sometimes, I miss a good old raw salad while eating macrobiotic…I could have it once in a while, provided the weather is warm, but not on this specific tailored diet I am now doing. Plus it´s not yet THAT warm. Plus raw veggies make my stomach moan for hours. But there´s a way! And it´s called quick-boiled salad…

You cut up all your veggies (that is, all veggies that you would like to include in a salad) into pieces that suit this purpose 😀 You bring to boil a large pot of water and then you quickly blanche (boil) each of these vegetables, each kind separately! Start with the most sweet or neutral tasting veggies and end with the most pungent or bitter ones, otherwise the sweet ones will taste a bit bitter. Pile all blanched veggies into a big salad bowl. Blanche the veggies really shortly, some need just a few seconds of a dip (softer leafy greens), some need maybe 3 minutes, but not more, it´s a salad 😀 At the end of the operation, strain any excess water from the bowl. You can make a dressing too(I mixed shoyu, lemon juice, water and a teeny bit of rice malt).

I blanched: young carrots, spring onion, leek, thin parsnip slices, thin parsley root rounds, dandelion greens, pointed cabbage, chinese cabbage, broccoli (+leaves), red radish (+leaves), celery stalk. I also added non-blanched radicchio leaves and rucola (but I mixed them into the hot mixture so that they were not completely raw), corn kernels from a jar, fresh shelled garden peas, sliced olives and toasted pumpkin seeds. Yum!

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