Rice and vegetable dish with shio kombu condiment

This dish is not so spectacular, so I was hesitating whether to post about it, but then I thought I don´t have any recipe for shio kombu condiment on the blog yet 😀

Shio kombu is a simple but very strengthening seaweed condiment which is quite strong in flavour (= quite a lot of salt and minerals = quite yang) so use it in moderate amounts, maybe one tablespoon with your meal… Shio kombu can be very plain, but it´s nicer to mix in some veggies, I used carrot and green beans. First soak (for two people) a 5 cm piece of kombu in half a cup of water, at least half an hour, and then cut it into very thin long strips. Boil it with about one tablespoon of shoyu and the soaking water, for half an hour. By then the liquid should be gone. Meanwhile cut half a carrot into matchsticks and sautee it with a pinch of salt and one tablespoon of mirin. In another small pot blanche a small handful of coarsely chopped grean beans, keep them crispy. Mix all together before serving.

I had shio kombu with two different grain mixtures – rice/sweet rice (with gomasio) and rice/oats which I had left over (sprinkled with dried shiso powder). The vegetable is sauteed white cabbage and zucchini just with salt and a little sprinkle of italian herb seasoning.

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