Baked filled cabbage leaves

Sometimes all you need is to stumble across a very simple idea – you know, the one where you slap your forehead in a “why didn´t I come up with this myself?” sort of way. Like for example using cabbage leaves as a wrapper for grains and veggies 🙂

You can either just wrap the filling in the steamed leaves and eat as is, or bake the rolls in the oven for about half an hour until they turn a bit golden and crispy.

I mixed a rice/sweet rice mixture with water-sauteed veggies (carrot, leek, green beans, parsnip, celery stalk and fresh parsley leaf) and a tablespoon of tamari. The filling needs to be quite salty, otherwise the dish will be a bit bland.

Then take white cabbage leaves (as large and unbroken as possible, and previously steamed so that they become flexible), spoon the mixture on them and roll up, as well as you can manage 😀 My leaves were unfortunately too broken and small, so it was a bit messy, but it worked 😀


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2 responses to “Baked filled cabbage leaves

  1. this looks good! i would definitely bake them in the oven to get the crispy outside.

  2. Brilliant! I will be trying this very soon.

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