Oatflake-vegetable casserole

Casseroles are ruling this household lately, in spite of the warm weather! I just like them too much I guess…but hey, this one is pretty light, using oat flakes instead of grains, so they are a bit less on the yang side ­čśÇ

Just cook up a batch of oatmeal, with a pinch of salt. Then mix well with water-sauteed vegetables (I used carrot, onion, parsley root, celery stalk, green beans, cauliflower, leek and fresh chopped nettles) and season with your favourite seasonings (I used a tablespoon of tamari and some dried oregano and basil). Spread in a not too thick even layer in a baking form and bake until golden and crispy, for about half an hour.


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2 responses to “Oatflake-vegetable casserole

  1. Nice Idea! how do make sure it doesn’t get too dry?

    • I just tried it once and it was not too dry ­čÖé I think in half an hour it can┬┤t really get too dry, because the oatmeal and veggies are moist to begin with.

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