Vegetable stew with seitan and kuzu

My first time trying seitan, yay!! I had gluten sensitivity for a couple of years, but thanks to the macrobiotic diet my gut has healed to a large extent, so I´m venturing a bit more into the realm of glutinous grains. Seitan is a type of faux meat (if you wish to see it that way, anyway :-D) made from pure wheat gluten, which is a protein obtained from wheat flour with all starch removed. And if you flavour it well (or purchase a well-flavoured ready to eat seitan) it´s really tasty! I had seitan that was already quite flavourful, but I still had to add some soy sauce.

First of all I placed a 4 cm piece of kombu in the bottom of a heavy pot, on top of the kombu I put chunks of seitan, then one onion cut into large pieces, one carrot cut into large chunks as well, a couple of pieces of yellow kohlrabi and  finely cut celery root, 2/3 cup of water, a generous sprinkle of dried italian herbs (basil, oregano…) and 2 tsp of shoyu soy sauce. I covered the pot with a lid and brought the content to boil, then I simmered the veggies on a lower flame until soft. At the end I added a teaspoon of kuzu root starch dissolved in a tiny bit of cold water and stirred it in quickly, avoiding lumps. I brought the stew to boil and simmered for  a few minutes more until it thickened considerably and added a nice glaze to the meal. I served the stew with rice/amaranth mixture and some spring onion.

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