Black amaranth – for real ?!?

Imagine my surprise when I found these tiny shiny black seeds in the health shop in Zagreb – black amaranth! Try and google some information about this grain, you will probably not be successful… It´s apparently very rare. I like amaranth a lot and often cook it mixed into rice, so I thought this would be similar, just black. I decided not to mix it into rice this time to create a visual experience of contrasting black grain with colourful veggies. Well, the black amaranth was a disappointment…It tasted like poppy seeds, except I like poppy seeds better 😀 Actually, it tasted more like wet sand, more so than normal amaranth (which also has an odd texture, but eventually gets creamy). I cooked it for about half an hour, but it was still gritty. There were also quite many tiny stones which were not tooth-friendly… But you must admit it looks pretty, especially with the lightly sauteed veggies 😀

We ended up mixing it into rice/barley which I accidentally cooked for the next day. The next morning we cooked it with the rice/barley into a porridge, but it didn´t get any softer 😀



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One response to “Black amaranth – for real ?!?

  1. Tracy West

    I’m growing Love Lies Bleeding, a red amaranth with black seeds. I didn’t grow enough last time to bother gathering the seeds but this year I have a bunch. How did the grain taste?
    I’m looking for recipes to use with the greens. It tastes just like spinach when cooked. It’s a little darker but loses the red pigment.
    I’m considering trying a small batch lacto-fermented to taste like saurkraut.

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