Chestnut mochi kanten

Ok, three things to say up front: finding a name for this recipe was really tough, it could also be called chestnut-mochi-kuzu-agar agar dessert. But I spared you and chose a simplified version 😀

Second, this dessert is ugly. It really is. It looks like wet grey concrete. Somehow chestnuts, at least the dried ones, don´t make for a pretty dessert. But who cares, right? It´s the taste that matters…

Third, this dessert is absolutely guilt-free. It´s even healthy! There is not a gram of added sweetener, no rice malt, maple syrup, fruit, nothing. Just chestnuts to make it sweet (which are really healthy for your blood sugar levels). This also means that this dessert is very mildly sweet. But for us who have sensitive taste budes and who are on a restricted diet with zero or very few desserts, this is still a blessing 😀

Now back to business. You just need to soak (preferrably overnight) about half a cup of dried chestnuts (add water to make the cup full). The next day pour it all into a pressure cooker and add about 1/4 cup of sweet brown rice. Add a pinch of salt, water to cover, bring to pressure and cook on a low flame and on a flame tamer for about an hour. Transfer to blender (you should have enough liquid, but adjust as needed) and puree. Bring back to the pot, add 1 tsp of kuzu diluted in a tiny bit of cold water and 1 tsp of agar agar powder (if using flakes or bars, you need to follow package instructions for the amount used). Bring mixture to boil while stirring, let simmer gently for a few minutes and then serve warm or let cool down and solidify. The texture is amazing…….


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5 responses to “Chestnut mochi kanten

  1. This is just PERFECT!! I’ve been craving something comforting.
    I was just wondering how I should use my newly found dried chestnuts…and I think something along this line is most appropriate 🙂
    When you pressure cooked this, did you keep the cooker on high (second line) or the low setting?
    yum, can’t wait to try it!

    • I use almost only the first, lower, setting 😀 I´m not sure why, but I´m used to that one… Do you usually use the higher one?
      Hope you like it 🙂

      • hey friend 🙂
        the book that I have used since I first got my pressure cooker (a guide to pressure cooking), as well as the pressure cooker manual, I believe, had a basic brown rice recipe using high pressure…so i’ve never bothered with trying the first setting. But, I imagine a longer softer heat might create really nice peaceful energy. Will give it a try. Thanks!

      • Hehe, I always wonder how some people cook their beans in 15 minutes and so…it´s probably the second setting which I haven´t really yet explored! :-p But I think you are right – the higher setting will create a stronger downward warming energy, the first one is probably more gentle…I assume..

  2. This looks super yummy. Thanks!

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