Arrival of the mill!

Here it is, my new treasure!! He came allllll the way from Hungary. He weighs over 5 kilos and is built from massive beech wood. He is purely hand-powered, no electricity! And let me tell you, it is quite a workout :-p What I am talking about? My new birthday present, a grain mill and flaker combined in one device.  Rolling the flakes is really fast and easy, I was very surprised by that. Lovely fresh flakes in an instant! On the other hand, to mill some fine flour for baking purposes takes pretty damn long. But well, that´s what you get when you insist on having a non-electric mill 😀 Luckily we bake only very rarely and also small amounts, so it´s still worth the effort – the benefits (and taste qualities) of home-milled flour are just too big. Unfortunately, these mills/flakers are still very expensive, it is after all a little piece of art, not some plastic junk made by a multinational high-tech company… Good old craft! I really hope this baby lasts a long time….


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