Deep-fried rice balls

Deep-fried rice balls are one of the most fun meals to make when you have some leftover old rice. And you can mix pretty much anything into them!

Mine had some smoked paprika powder and tamari added in for move flavour, and also brown and black sesame seeds to enhance both nutrients and looks. Be sure to have wet hands when you form the balls, otherwise the rice is very sticky! When your balls are ready, deep-fry them in good quality oil in a deep pot and after fishing them out with a slotted spoon (or special tempura strainer), let the excess oil drip on a napkin or metal rack. They´re much nicer fresh, by the way.

I served them with a dip made of mirin, lemon juice, mustard and water, and a salad of blanched vegetables dressed with ume plum vinegar.

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