Blissful Chef inspired Mac´n´cheese

The sauce I make in this blogpost is a modified version of a recipe from one of my favourite vegan bloggers, Christy Morgan aka the Blissful Chef.  I should note that I made a double batch (that is four servings) and I didn´t bake the dish in the oven after mixing the pasta with the sauce. The sauce tasted amazingly much like the good old cheese sauce of pre-macro days, so if you are craving cheese, definitely give this a try! 😀

Cook your pasta (I use corn pasta) and save one cup of the cooking water. Whisk the cooking  water together with a cup of rice milk (or other vegan milk), one cup of nutritional yeast, 2 tbsp of starch (I used kuzu) diluted in a bit of milk, 2 tbsp shoyu soy sauce, 2 tsp natural organic mustard, 2 tsp white (shiro) miso and some dried garlic powder. Then heat 2 tbsp of oil in a cast iron skillet or pot and whisk in 5 tbsp of brown rice flour. After a minute or so whisk in the prepared sauce, stirring continuously until you get a rather thick creamy texture. Mix sauce together with cooked pasta and vegetables – as you can see in the picture, I used blanched broccoli, and on the plate I sprinkled the dish with some smoked paprika powder.



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2 responses to “Blissful Chef inspired Mac´n´cheese

  1. This looks great! What is the difference between shoyu soy sauce and regular soy sauce? I am assuming this is probably a healthier sauce than using a loaded cheesy sauce!

    • Regular soy sauce often contains MSG, sugar and other additives and is not naturally fermented. Shoyu ferments for a couple of years and has nothing but the soy, wheat, salt and koji fermentation culture. There is also similar glutenfree sauce – tamari. It sure is easier on your body than cheese sauce 🙂

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