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A more macrobiotic plate again…

I don´t  post so many of the neat grain-vegetable-legume macrobiotic plates anymore, but here´s one of them, all nice and balanced and colourful 🙂

-Pressure cooked rice with sweet rice and gomasio (currently we have sesame and flax seed about half and half, in a 1:16 ratio of salt to seeds)

-Oil-sauteed daikon, carrot, onion, leek, cauliflower and cabbage with one part of rice vinegar and two parts of shoyu soy sauce to season

-Oven roasted pumpkin sprinkled with salt and dried thyme

-Black beans from Hokkaido seasoned with a tablespoon of shoyu soy sauce, a teaspoon of rice malt, cooked with a few finely chopped sundried tomatoes and organic corn kernels from a can


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2.12. Black hokkaido bean-pumpkin-kale stew

Yeah, lately I´m all about stews! It must be the cold, wet, windy weather we are getting lately. I´m eating more and more beans and a TON of pumpkin. Seems I cannot get enough pumpkin, ever. Well, it´s abundant at this time of the year!

As a sidedish I picked amaranth, which I cooked 1:3 (grain:water) for 30 minutes, on a very low flame, using a flame deflector. It was sooooo creamy! Sprinkled with homemade gomasio, of course…I got pretty good at making my own gomasio 😀

For the stew I cooked a small bunch of chopped kale with small chunks of carrot, butternut squash and hokkaido pumpkin (you can pick just one if you want, I had both at home) in enough water to cover, until the pumpkin is soft. Towards the end I added black hokkaido beans (you can also get ordinary black beans, the ones from Hokkaido island are grown on vulcanic soil and are more mineral rich), slices of leek and tamari to season.

Note: the black beans I first dry-roasted in a pressure cooker until the skins cracked and the white inside got a bit golden, then added a double amount of water, a piece of kombu, brought to pressure and cooked 45 minutes.


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