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As a grain I cooked millet with amaranth (2 parts millet and 1 part amaranth), about half an hour, with 1:3 grain:water ratio. Surprisingly nice combination.

For a seaweed dish I soaked hiziki (or hijiki) for maybe 15 minutes, until it got a bit softer and doubled its size, then I cooked it with a part of its soaking water (just enough to cover), dried daikon (I didn´t soak it this time, which turned out fine), sesame seeds,”shavings” of carrot and burdock root. At the end I added tamari to season and let it cook away (it shouldn´t be swimming in too much liquid, not nice to serve).

As the main veggie dish I cooked chopped kale in some water until it softened a bit, then added small chunks of cucumber, and let it simmer for a while still, seasoned with ume plum vinegar and finely cut dill. I love dill and it goes really well with cucumber, and actually even with the kale.

I also had leftover black hokkaido beans which I just heated up with a bit of diluted dark rice miso – I always like beans with miso in them.

Very strengthening menu!

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On 15th October I started my level 1 Art of Life school at the Kushi Institute in Amsterdam. For lunch that day (my last homemade lunch, because at school we get fed 3 times a day) I made millet (with some of my, ummm, lightly burnt gomasio :-p) with a hiziki dish:

Soak hiziki sea vegetable in water for about half an hour to reconstitute it, then cook with a little bit of the soaking water and sliced onion for 30-60 minutes (the longer the better), towards the end add corn (I used corn from a can, because I didn´t have fresh…), roasted almonds (I roasted them shortly in the oven, just for about 10 minutes) and season with tamari.

I also cooked orange hokkaido pumpkin with a bit of salt and water until it became all soft and mushy and towards the end added some cubes of tofu to the dish.

Served with lightly pickled cucumber (just cut the cucumber into chunks, sprinkle generously with big grains of sea salt, let sit in a bowl or on a plate for 15-30 minutes, then WASH OFF the salt, ready!).

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Yesterday night I remembered to soak my grain, as it induces a germination process, and the result is even more nutrients in your grain! Plus reduced cooking time, yay! So I soaked a mix of the dutch brown “zilvervliesrijst” with red thai cargo rice, beautiful colours when you put those together…

We had the grain with a smoked mackerel with a black pepper coating (courtesy of the Albert Heijn supermarket! :-D), it was quite tasty and MSC quality (sustainable fishery), but next time I´d prefer non-smoked fish, I like the fresh version of fish better…

I also made nishime from daikon, carrot and onion (see one of my previous posts for how to make nishime), seasoned with tamari. I quickly blanched the rapini and mizuna – so far the best way how to prepare them, better than steaming or eating them raw as I did before. You just bring a little pot of water with a grain of salt (or two, or three…)to boil, place the greens inside, turn off immediately, let sit for a minute and take the greens out, simple! And I made a few chunks of lightly fermented cucumber – just sprinkle some salt over the chunks, let sit for a while and then rinse the salt off. It does wonders to the taste of the cucumber and it makes it more digestable! Overall, a great dish today, I think.

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