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Thai flavoured deep-fried sushi rolls

What a twist on the classical Japanese-styled sushi roll! For me sushi is travel food. I actually never make it for any other occasion, because we usually have enough of sushi eating when we go somewhere for a trip and need to pack a portable lunch ­čśÇ But this brings it all to a whole new level! Deep-fried crunchy rolls, and even with a spicy Thai flavour, mmmm!!

You can really play with this – use fillings to your liking and don┬┤t be afraid to experiment! I made my usual sushi maki rolls of brown rice and nori sheets and filled them with raw carrot and leek strips. The raw vegetables give a nice contrast (and balance) to the rich oily taste, but you could of course use some lightly blanched or steamed veggies as well. I also smeared the rolls with a thin layer of Thai curry paste (the one that comes in plastic tubs in several varieties :-D). But next time I might try my usual umeboshi paste instead to get a more sushi-like taste, the curry paste was very tasty, but maybe a bit overpowering.

After rolling up the sushis, I dipped them in a glutenfree tempura batter of rice flour, a pinch of salt, water and┬á a small pinch of baking powder (added for extra crispiness). The batter must not be too runny, otherwise it will slide off the rolls. Of course, you can also use regular or whole-wheat flour, if gluten is not an issue. Deep-fry in hot oil until crunchy and slightly golden. Serve with some raw grated daikon and lightly blanched vegetables to digest better ­čÖé



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Simple coconut milk curry

I love curries, whether it is the Thai or Indian version. Since in macrobiotics you don┬┤t usually use milk products, mine is based on coconut milk (I learned to buy the more expensive, fairtrade/organic ones, because the taste is just SO much better, I think).

Last time I cooked carrot, green beans and cauliflower in half of a 400 ml can of coconut milk, with a generous sprinkle of spicy curry, and I added a bit of soy sauce. I also put some black salt (my favourite vulcanic salt from India) on the veggies when they started heating up, before I added the rest of the ingredients. You might need to add some extra water to the curry as the coconut milk is quite thick. Simmer for about 15 minutes. So simple!

I served the dish with brown basmati, which is probably my most favourite rice of all. But in  the picture there is quinoa, which I cooked the second day since I still had leftovers. It really tastes good with both.

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