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Root stew with white miso and cilantro

The main part of this meal was a root vegetable stew:  first I sauteed sliced onion with a pinch of salt on some pumpkin seed oil, then added medium-sized chunks of carrot, parsley root, red beet, celery root and daikon radish and stirred for a while to coat with oil, adding dried thyme as well. Then I covered the veggies with diluted white miso, there should be enough water so that the vegetables are at least partially submerged. I cooked them until soft on a low flame (the water shouldn´t evaporate totally, but also the stew should not be watery) and at the end garnished them with a generous amount of fresh chopped cilantro.

The other parts of the meal were: chickpeas with pumpkin (pumpkin chunks cooked until soft and then add cooked chickpeas and tamari to season), carrot tops fried until crispy on a bit of pumpkin seed oil with salt, and rice/amaranth mixture sprinkled with roasted dulse seaweed. I used dulse flakes, which are really convenient and roast very quickly – just be careful not to burn them, so keep the flame low 😀


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Creamy cauliflower-parsnip soup

I like soups that are creamy thanks to blending them in a blender 🙂 well, this is one of them. I cooked

2 small onions

1 medium cauliflower

1 medium parsnip


in a pot with water just to cover them, cook until soft and transfer to blender. Blend until it becomes a smooth milk coloured puree. You might need to add some water later to thin the soup. Return to the pot. Add a few teaspoons of white miso (“shiro miso”) to taste and let simmer in the pot a bit. Garnish with sprinkles of dulse seaweed or anything else you like!

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