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Fish miso soup with sauteed greens

On Saturday we go to the local fish market in the centre and buy ourselves a fresh fish fillet for dinner – can┬┤t get much more fresh than that, unless you live just at the seaside and not in the mainland as we do. We are sampling different kinds of fish, sometimes freshwater, sometimes sea fish. This time we went for Croatian seabass. It was pleasant, though a tad too oily for my current strict regimen ­čśÇ

I decided this time to turn the fish into a soup! First I steamed the fish very shortly, just so that I could take off the skin and bones, and set it aside. I brought water to a boil and added chopped parsley root, leek, daikon and sweet potato, all in small pieces. Towards the end I mixed in diluted shiro miso (you don┬┤t want to use a strong yang miso with the fish, but be aware that shiro miso is very mild, so you might need more of it) and the pieces of fish and let simmer for a while, and then garnished the soup with chopped chives.

On a pan I sauteed wild chicory leaves, broccoli, kohlrabi, zucchini rounds and shredded pointed cabbage, just with water, mirin and ginger juice. We also had some raw spring greens – rucola, kohlrabi and corn salad (a type of lettuce). Served with long grain rice/wild rice mixture.

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Two soups: Creamy parsnip soup and Bonito bouillon

I am a soup freak, everybody can attest to that. I didn┬┤t use to be. Luckily my boyfriend is pretty much the same. He likes clear bouillon type of soups. I like more thick creamy soups with the veggies blended, and possibly added mochi for extra cream ­čśÇ The solution is: I make both…

The creamy parsnip soup comes from Kristina Turner┬┤s awesome “The self-healing cookbook” and it┬┤s very simple as all her recipes in this book. For two people, just add one and a half cup (or two) of parsnips cut into chunks to the boiling water and simmer about 15 minutes until they soften, then blend until smooth with an immersion blender. Add half a cup of broccoli florets and cook a couple minutes more. Flavour with your favourite miso – we used dark rice miso. I also made a little addition of a small chunk of mochi, and instead of water I used stock leftover from making nabe vegetables (a vegetable stock with kombu and shiitake in it).

The second soup is a clear bouillon soup, a very minimalistic one to top. I just boiled water with some diced celery stalk and added a coffee filter filled with about a tablespoon of dried bonito (fish) flakes (can be purchased at asian shops) which I tied with a rubber band and it worked pretty well! I turned off the flame and let it release the flavour for maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Then I added a good amount of chopped wild garlic, brought the soup back to a simmer and added miso to taste and a good squeeze of lemon, to lighten up the soup significantly.

Sorry for the quality of the picture :-p

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