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17.11. Kale-adzuki bean miso soup

As a grain I pressure cooked short grain brown rice with hato mugi, On top I sprinkled some dried bonito (fish) flakes which I purchased in chinatown. I heard you can use them as a sprinkle this way, but I┬┤m not a fan – the bonito flakes have a reeeally strong fishy smell, which would not be bad in a bouillon (another way how to use these flakes), but as a sprinkle it was a bit too much ­čśÇ

My soup was made by boiling water with cooked hokkaido adzuki beans (the variety that comes from the vulcanic soils of the Hokkaido island in Japan), kale, turnip and finely cut ginger, with diluted rice miso added at the end. It was really yummy, but next time I┬┤ll stick to ginger juice – I just don┬┤t like biting into pieces of ginger, no matter how finely cut they are! ­čśÇ




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Boerenkool – let the kale season commence

So….last weekend I found the first fresh “boerenkool” of this season (kale in Dutch) on the market, to be exact, at the Nieuwmarkt Saturday organic market. I was waiting for it impatiently for weeks, knowing that it will only make its appearance earliest in September. Everybody was assuring me that it is, indeed, a winter vegetable, which is true. But you CAN already get it now, at the end of summer.

I admit I got the frozen one a few weeks ago, and made a delicious sidedish out of it, saut├ęeing it with minced garlic, onions, black pepper, oregano and basil. This time I desired to make kale chips, which are a popular snack in the US. I found the basic recipe online: all you do is tear up the kale into smaller pieces, get rid of the thick stems, mix the pieces with olive oil and salt and then bake in the oven until crispy. Sounds easy, BUT I managed to screw it up :-p Too much oil, way too much salt, but most importantly – we don┬┤t own a proper oven at the moment. Our mini-oven has no choice of temperature and it tends to burn things…so my chips were either on the raw side or on the nearly-burnt side ­čśŽ Well, I am not giving up on them yet!

However, today I just blanched two big kale leaves with a few grains of salt and maybe an inch of water in the bottom of the pot, for 5-10 minutes. A bit too raw for my taste – next time cook longer. I served it with my number one tahini dressing, based on the ume-tahini dressing from Susan Marque┬┤s cookbooks. Mix:

1 teaspoon umepaste

2 teaspoons tahini

some water to thin

This time I chose to add a bit of chopped up fresh coriander leaves, because they ummm…needed to go :-p

As for grain and protein (:-D) I cooked up brown rice (the Dutch “zilvervliesrijst” – I assume it is short-grain brown rice) in the same pot with a special sort of lentils that are called “berglinsen” (from the German Alnatura brand, they look like something between red and brown lentils). Seasoned with a splash of tamari. Yum!

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