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7.12. Oats with pumpkin and lentil stew

Today I reused the oats from yesterday and cooked them for about 20 minutes with chunks of hokkaido pumpkin, which is my favourite way of eating grains ­čśÇ It┬┤s a good thing about oats that the longer you cook them, the nicer and creamier they get, so don┬┤t worry about leftover oats and how to use them – they are a great recycling grain!

With the oats I made a stew of lentils (“berglinsen”, a reddish-brown variety) cooked together with dried thyme, bayleaf and a few chunks of carrot and celery root. It┬┤s really nice to use root veggies with beans I think! At the end you can season the lentils with tamari or miso.


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In the last two days I ate a lot of oats and I think I hopelessly fell in love with their creamy goodness. I cooked them for 90 minutes in a pressure cooker (after soaking them overnight), which is a long process, but worth it.

I had some fresh sage, so I made a soup full of herbs – first I sauteed diced onion and garlic on some olive oil, then added chopped sage and dried rosemary and let it release the flavours. Afterwards I added chunks of carrot and daikon, and when they cooked soft I mixed in diluted shiro miso (young rice miso). Not bad, but I went way overboard with the herbs – so take it easy with them, especially the fresh sage is very potent…

I made two vegetable dishes. One of them was matchsticks of fresh lotus root sauteed on sliced onion and then simmered for about 15 minutes with water and tamari (lotus root can take quite a bit of tamari, because it has very little flavour on its own). Lotus is really great for the lungs and discharging mucus from them.

The second veggie dish was finely sliced fennel sauteed on water with equally finely sliced red cabbage, seasoned with chopped fresh dill and a splash of mirin (rice wine). Mmmmm, dill and fennel go together so well! The red cabbage turns the fennel completely purple, so if you want to get a nice colour effect, mix them together at the very end ­čśÇ

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