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Onion-bread soup

What a simple way to improve your “usual” onion soup – add a piece of sourdough bread to thicken it! ­čśÇ

For onion soup I sautee at least two medium or large onions (I prefer red onions – they are sweeter) on a bit of water with a pinch of salt, the longer the better, they should be really soft. Then I add two bowls of hot water (or as much as needed) and bring to boil and then simmer, 5-10 more minutes.┬á This time I added also cubes cut up from half a slice of our homemade bread. Let them (almost) dissolve, stirring at times. Towards the end add about a teaspoon of ginger juice and diluted brown miso to taste.

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For grain I pressure cooked a mixture of brown calasparra rice, sweet rice and hato mugi (my favourite combination as of late!). I quick-sauteed, just on water,┬á sliced fresh lotus root, daikon, carrot and kohlrabi, and at the end sprinkled on top some dried parsley (of course, fresh would be way better, but even the dried one gave quite a strong and pleasant parsley flavour). The most interesting part of this lunch was long cooked sweet potato (just in enough water to cover it, cook roughly 15-20 minutes), which I mashed in the end with a fork and mixed in ginger powder – take it easy with the ginger, but it┬┤s otherwise a really nice combo!

For dinner that day I made some really tasty soup – I sauteed a large amount of sliced onions on olive oil, together with dried oregano and basil. I added small florets of cauliflower, enough water to cover the veggies, and threw in one block of cubed mugwort mochi (I think I already wrote about mochi – pounded and then dried sweet brown rice, formed into firm blocks, this one was flavoured with mugwort, a wild herb). The mochi totally melts in the soup if you add it in the beginning of the boiling process and it gives your soup this soothing creaminess. In the end I just mixed in some diluted shiro miso (young white miso) and perhaps some salt, as this miso is not too salty on its own. Success!!

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