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Baked pears stuffed with tahini-miso filling

This dessert is so amazing!! And prepared so quickly at the same time! If you like baked apples or pears, you will surely appreciate it…

Just cut a pear in half, scoop out the intestines┬á ­čśÇ and create “holes” big and deep enough to put some filling inside. Place the pears with the peel down into a baking dish with maybe half a cup of water in it, to prevent burning.

Mix one teaspoon of tahini with one teaspoon of rice malt and half a teaspoon of sweet white miso. Spoon the filling into the prepared holes. You can cover them with some of the scooped out pear flesh so that less of the filling spills during baking.

Cover the dish with tin foil and bake covered for 30 minutes on 190┬░C and then 15 minutes uncovered on just 175┬░C. The pears should be very soft, with a melt in your mouth quality ­čÖé It might be a little bit messy with the filling, but I actually like a bit of a messy dessert ­čśÇ

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