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Thyme flavoured mussels with greens

After a long time I pulled out another seafood dish, since I had cooked mussels stored in our freezer… Seafood is very yang and contracting on the macrobiotic scale (though not as yang as other meat, not even as salmon or tuna), so I made sure to have plenty of vegetables to go with them!

1 cup of cooked mussels

a few cm piece of leek, finely sliced

a piece of fennel, sliced

a couple of chopped up green beans

a handful of chopped kale

dried or fresh thyme to your liking

1 tsp lemon juice

oil, a few drops


On a tiny amount of oil sautee the sliced leek and add a bit of water (or juice from the cooked mussels, which I used) and thyme. When the leek is softened, add mussels, green beans, fennel and towards the end kale, which should cook only shortly. Keep adding water as neeeded. Season with lemon juice. The dish doesn┬┤t need salt because the mussels release quite a lot of saltiness on their own. I served the dish with leftover cooked rice and millet (1:1 ratio) oven baked until crispy, and a little bowl of grated raw daikon and a few fresh fava beans (blanched for a minute or two and then peeled). The raw daikon helps lightening the dish as well.





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7.12. Oats with pumpkin and lentil stew

Today I reused the oats from yesterday and cooked them for about 20 minutes with chunks of hokkaido pumpkin, which is my favourite way of eating grains ­čśÇ It┬┤s a good thing about oats that the longer you cook them, the nicer and creamier they get, so don┬┤t worry about leftover oats and how to use them – they are a great recycling grain!

With the oats I made a stew of lentils (“berglinsen”, a reddish-brown variety) cooked together with dried thyme, bayleaf and a few chunks of carrot and celery root. It┬┤s really nice to use root veggies with beans I think! At the end you can season the lentils with tamari or miso.

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