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Bulghur pilaf with glazed yuba

Yup, it was that time again! Time for yuba!! You can see how I make it in this recipe.

I served it with bulghur, which is a cracked wheat, very easy and fast to cook, so great for those days when you don´t have much time. It was my first time eating bulghur and it´s rather tasty with a pleasant crunch.

Just sautee onion (on water or oil, if you wish) with a pinch of salt, then add desired veggies (I used carrot, celery stalk, green beans and leek, all finely chopped) and sautee a bit more while stirring, just for 2-3 minutes. Add bulghur and toast for another 2-3 minutes adding water if necessary. Then add a double amount of water (for 1 cup bulghur use 2 cups water) and more salt, for flavour. Simmer under a lid for 15-20 minutes. Turn the fire off and mix in fresh chopped parsley (a lot!) and chopped rucola.


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Yuba tempura in sweet-salty-sour glaze

This meal was rated as one of my best creations by my (picky and not so macro) boyfriend. so you better watch out for this gem!

I attempted making dishes out of yuba already twice before making this one, but it was always a big failure, mostly because I didn´t know that the dried yuba (“skin” or layer on top of tofu during the tofu production) has to be soaked really long and thoroughly to soften up. This time I played safe and soaked it all night long in a large bowl of water, pressed down by a small plate so that none of the yuba sticks out of the water 😀 It became really soft and flexible!

Then I proceeded to cover it in tempura batter (in my case glutenfree batter of white rice flour and water mixed until you get a somewhat runny but not too thin consistency) and deep-fry it until golden. Meanwhile in a saucepan I heated up slowly 1 tbsp of tamari, 1 tbsp of mirin, 1/2 tbsp of lemon juice and 1/2 tbsp of maple syrup with some water (so that the liquid is about 2 cm high). I transferred the pieces of yuba into the liquid, stirred to coat well and simmered until all the liquid evaporated and created a glaze looking like caramel. Be careful not to burn the sauce. Yuba prepared this way tastes nothing like “tofu skin”, it´s actually pretty good as a poultry substitute I´d even say, and it is used that way in oriental cuisine.

I served the tempura with brown rice and steamed veggies.


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