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Apricot ice cream!

I´ve already posted a recipe for avocado chocolate mousse on this blog. In a very similar way you can create sugarfree vegan ice cream with all natural ingredients, which not only tastes delicious, is very easy and quick to make (no ice cream maker needed!), but also mimics the traditional dairy ice cream texture in a way that I found hard to believe.

All you need is a large ripe avocado (the flesh should be yellow, not too brown), a pinch of salt, a liquid sweetener of choice (lately I use honey, but I also had success with rice malt and you could definitely use also agave syrup, maple syrup etc.), an optional pinch of vanilla powder and a flavouring according to what strikes your fancy. Adding cocoa or carob powder is classical and divine… Cinnamon is totally amazing too. This time I used a couple of very ripe sweet apricots. Just throw all in the blender and blend until soft and creamy, using water to thin if needed (but only very little, try to avoid making the cream too watery!). Then transfer to a freezer-safe container and freeze for a couple hours. Now the important step is: stir well with a spoon roughly every half an hour to break up any created ice crystals. Only this way will the ice cream become smooth and creamy and not full of harsh ice pieces. Don´t freeze too long or it will get too hard, just wait until you achieve the consistency you desire. You can of course just freeze the ice cream for a couple days or weeks even for later use, but then you will have to let it sit outside to melt a bit and probably give it a good stir again once that´s possible. For best results I recommend eating it after only a few hours, I think it shouldn´t be a problem 😉


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Ever tried creating a cross breed between hummus and guacamole?? Well I did and the result was pretty delicious!!

All you need to do is blend cooked chickpeas (I even used the kombu they were cooking with) with avocado. Season with black pepper, garlic and ume plum vinegar to your liking 🙂 Great as a dip for crackers.


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Raw cacao avocado mousse

This utterly amazing and simple recipe can be found all over the internet, I checked a couple of recipes, including the one on Becky´s macro blog – http://snackrobiotic.blogspot.cz/2011/01/seasonally-inappropriate-chocolate.html .

All you need is:

one ripe avocado, flesh scooped into chunks

3-4 tbsp rice malt (you can use other liquid sweeteners)

a pinch of salt

a pinch of vanilla powder (you can also use essence)

3 tbsp cocoa powder (I used raw cacao which is not roasted and therefore more nutritious)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until completely smooth, adding water as needed. Chill in the fridge.

Nobody will ever guess that avocado is the secret ingredient that makes this delighting dessert so creamy and rich! 😀

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