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Sauteed kohlrabi and celery root with lemon

This is such a simple meal but still something you probably never thought of! I certainly didn´t and I was surprised how two vegetables can create such a satisfying dish.

First you have to grate your two vegetables: one medium celery root (grate fine) and one bigger kohlrabi (grate coarse). Pour a couple tablespoons of oil in a deeper pan or pot, place the celery root inside, turn on the flame and sautee the celery root until lightly browned and fragrant, adding a pinch of salt at the beginning. Add the grated kohlrabi and stir-fry until it is softened as well. At the end sprinkle with lemon juice to your liking – the lemon adds a great final touch so you don´t have to be afraid of it!

I had the veggies with some rice and dulse seaweed flakes sprinkled on top.


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Marinated dried tofu with vegetables

Dried tofu tastes so very different than fresh tofu. If you don´t add any seasonings, then it tastes and looks literall like a wet sponge,  even exactly the same texture as the sponge used for wiping blackboards 😀 On the other hand if you first fry it and then soak it in a yummy marinade…both the texture and most of all the flavour change and you will be surprised what a transformation that is!

In any case, first you have to soak the slices of dried tofu (they come in small blocks), a couple minutes will do. Then squeeze out the water, but not completely, they should be still quite moist, otherwise they soak up too much oil. Slice up the blocks into strips. Gently pan-fry them in oil of choice, until light golden. Then place in a bowl with a marinade and set aside for at least half an hour – I used water, tamari soy sauce and apple cider vinegar. You can play with the ratios…

When your tofu is almost ready to be taken out, sautee some sliced onion with a pinch of salt, adding carrot slices and broccoli florets/stems and cooking them until softened. Add the marinated tofu strips and heat through.

I served the dish with a rice/hato mugi mixture.


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Carrot and onion with whole cumin seeds

This is really almost not worth posting, but it was droolworthy in its utter simplicity:

Brown rice

Green peas cooked until creamy with some salt and apple cider vinegar

Sliced caramelized onion, sauteed on oil and whole cumin seeds, then added carrot slices and sauteed some more

The whole cumin seeds add a wonderful fragrant touch I wouldn´t expect and it´s very different than ground cumin 🙂 Anyway, it´s one of my favourite spices!



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Veggie sautee with apple and walnuts

Normally I don´t mix fruit or nuts into my vegetable dishes (it is not something for delicate digestion to mix these with grain or with each other), but once in a while this adds some fun and unexpected details to an otherwise standard veggie macro dish such as this simple sautee-

I just heated some oil on a pan and then sauteed onion for a while until soft and beginning to brown. Then I added leek, white cabbage, curly green cabbage, carrot, turnip, all cut up into rather small pieces. The fun addition: a small amount of cubed apple and chopped walnuts, cooked together with the rest. The sautee was seasoned with a splash of shoyu soy sauce and apple cider vinegar.

Served with a rice/amaranth mixture topped with a gomasio of black sesame and salt (love the colour contrast!).



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Last macro meals before my move…

In the beginning of March we were busy with relocating to Slovenia, and we are still settling in…Here I have some meals which I cooked still before our departure but didn´t manage to post them until now…so with a bit of delay… 😀

Rice pressure cooked together with barley with a sprinkle of shiso powder – shiso is a plant with red leaves, the sprinkle also contains seasalt and ume plum vinegar so it has a pleasant salty-sour taste. Kinpira made of dried burdock, carrot, stems of kolrabi and tamari. Steamed pointed cabbage and kolrabi leaves. Arame seaweed cooked together with onion halfmoons, sesame seeds, seasoned with tamari. And of course miso soup…

A couple of days later I cooked rice together with amaranth and millet (with gomasio on top). Accompanied by brown lentils flavoured with ume plum vinegar (I love the combination of legumes and ume plum). And a lovely sautee of fennel, onion, leek, butternut squash, zucchini, green beans and cauliflower, on some olive oil with a mediterranean herb mixture…Usually I don´t make such “southern” dishes, but from time to time I like something with a touch of the south…

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