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Summer rice salad

This rice salad can be served warm or cool to your liking. Feel free to play with the seasonings, vegetables…salad is playful by nature! ­čśÇ

I mixed together: cooked brown rice, little squares of nori sheets (you can cut stripes with scissors and then make small squares), shortly blanched vegetables (young summer cabbage, celery root, parsley root, red radish and kohlrabi), black pepper freshly crushed, mustard, hemp seeds, wild garlic, lemon and pumpkin seed oil.



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Boiled vegetable salad with nori

This recipe is included more because I really like the look of it ­čśÇ But otherwise it┬┤s super simple and hardly worth posting, I guess ­čśÇ

Just cut up any veggies you┬┤d like to eat in your meal into bite sized pieces, blanche them separately (or in groups with approximately the same blanching time, like I do) in a pot of slightly salted boiling water, assemble together in a bowl and season according to your tastes and needs.

I used: yellow string beans, leek, curly cabbage, young carrot, broccoli, daikon, kohlrabi, parsley root. Then I added fresh rucola and lettuce leaves, some chopped up green olives, a touch of olive oil and apple cider vinegar and a special addition – torn up pieces of half a nori sheet! ­čÖé I like the accent nori gives to salads…

I served the salad with some leftover amaranth sprinkled with nori flakes and shiso leaf condiment…

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Omega-3 rich rice salad

In this hot weather I make salads a lot as it┬┤s the only thing that helps me stay cool and hydrated, plus it┬┤s really quick so I don┬┤t need to stand above the gas stove ­čśÇ

For this salad I used leftover brown rice into which I mixed several omega-3 rich ingredients: roasted pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and 2 tsp of flaxseed oil. I also added chopped olives, one torn up sheet of nori seaweed, finely cut fresh dill and a teaspoon of organic coarse-grain mustard. So refreshing!!


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So I needed to prepare my tempeh in a quick, tasty way…here goes: fry a few slices of fresh tempeh in oil, adding a bit of tamari towards the end (tempeh in itself has a too mild and not that great flavour). Meanwhile cook corn on the cob in water, so that it is submerged. Ten to fifteen minutes will do. When your tempeh is crispy, place the pieces on one nori sheet (nori is the seaweed used as a sushi wrapper). Use the rest of the oil/tamari from the pan to lightly fry a few slices of daikon and leek. The tempeh looks nice on the dark green nori background ­čśÇ And you can even wrap the tempeh (alone or with the veggies) in the nori and eat it rolled up. Whatever you like ­čśÇ

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